Harry Styles FanFic PART 1; Chapter 13 – 1D without Harry…



– Harry texts Courtney –

Harry - WHITE // Courtney - GREEN

– Courtney goes downstairs –

Courtney: Morning Liam.

Liam: Ello.

Courtney: Harry told me he won’t be able to go on school today.

Liam: Why?

Courtney: I don’t know. Maybe still because of yesterday.

Liam: Hey, can you please tell me everything about this?

Courtney: Uhm…i’ll just tell you when the other boys are here.

Liam: Okay.


– goes to school –

– on class –

– Harry texts Rebecca –

Harry - WHITE // Rebecca - GREEN

Harry - WHITE // Rebecca - GREEN

– break time –

Courtney: Becca, come with me.

Rebecca: Where?

Courtney: Somewhere. Let’s go. *pulls Rebecca*


– At the rooftop –

Rebecca: What are we doing here?

Courtney: We have to discuss about something. Boys!

– Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn shows up –

Liam: Hey!

Rebecca: With them?

Courtney: Yes. *sits down*

Niall: Well?

Courtney: Okay so, since Harry’s not here, we have to take this time in discussing the issue about him.

Liam: Yeah, we know the score about them. So, what are we going to do about it?

Courtney: Uhm, we’ve planned something. Since Liam, told me some of Harry’s attitude, well, i’ve thought of making Harry believe that Rebecca and James are having something between them/

Louis: But is it true?

Rebecca: Nope, James is my cousin.

Niall: Oh now i get it, if Harry gets too jealous, there is a possibility that he’d personally tell Rebecca how he feels?

Courtney: Well done Nialler, i’ll treat you for lunch because of that. *winks*

Niall: Yes! *laughs*

Louis: Yes, and because Harry’s got the attitude that if he can’t take things anymore, he’ll just blast everything out.

Courtney: Yep!

Liam: But until when are you guys planning to do this? Harry seems to be a bit depressed the past days.

Rebecca: We still don’t know. But maybe not that long.

Zayn: *POV* ” Harry, Harry, Harry, Why is Courtney always talking about him?”

Niall: Hey Zayn, you alright?

Zayn: Uh…uhm. Yeah…yeah i’m good, man.

Courtney: Are you sure?

Zayn: Yes.

Liam: So, let’s go?

Louis: Sure.


While walking…

Zayn: Courtney, who’s your pair on Sarah’s birthday?

Courtney: Uhm, my boyfriends.

Niall: What? Boyfriends?

Courtney: I said boyfriends. FIVE boyfriends, namely, Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis and…..Zayner.

Zayn: Oh, i see.


– They reached Harry’s house and they say his sister, Jade at the garden –

Liam: Hi Jade.

Jade: Oh, hey boys. Hi Courtney.

Liam: Is Harry here?

Gemma: Yeah, but he left a couple of minutes ago.

Courtney: You know where he went?

Gemma: I don’t have any idea actually, but i noticed he’s a bit sad. So, im sure there’s only 1 place where he’ll go.

Liam: Where?


Harry: *POV* “Well, i guess Rebecca has already moved on…and that would just mean it’s also my turn…”


Courtney: Tree house?!

Liam: Yes. That’s a what Jade said.

Courtney: But where?

Louis: There’s this tree house where he used to go whenever he’s problematic or sad.

Courtney: But how can we get there if we don’t even know where in the world it is?

Louis: I don’t know.

Courtney: Becca, you alright?

Rebecca: Uhm.. guys, i think i know where he is.

Courtney: What?

Rebecca: When we were younger, we used to have a mini- hide out where we hang out. And only the two of us know where it is.

Courtney: Really?

Rebecca: Yeah.

Courtney: So, are you gonna go there?

Rebecca: Yeah, but maybe not this time.

Liam: But why?

Rebecca: His sister said that he goes there whenever he’s sad, meaning he’s lonely and needs some time alone. So maybe we should let him have it for a while.

Louis: She’s got a point, guys. Maybe let’s just give him the time he needs for now.

Courtney: Yeah, so let’s go?


– starts walking home –


Harry: Guys?

Louis: *looks back* Hey!

Courtney: Harry?

Harry: Where did you come from?

Liam: Your house..but Jade said you’re not there.

Harry: Yeah, i went somewhere.

Courtney By the way, the five of you are invited in Sarah’s birthday next week.

Rebecca: Yeah, and she said she’ll be expecting you.

Harry: I’ll just try to catch up.

Liam: Alright then, we gotta go now.

Harry: Okay, see you tomorrow.

Courtney: Bye.


— To be continued… —

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Harry Styles FanFic PART 1; Chapter 12 – Poor Harry…

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– One Direction back on school –

Rebecca: Court, they’re approaching…

Liam: Hi ladies.

Courtney: Oh hey Liam, hi boys!

Harry: Hi Rebecca.

Rebecca: *smiles* Hi.

Courtney: By the way, he’s James, our friend.

Liam: Nice to meet you, mate.

James: Me too.

Harry: So, let’s go?

Niall: Yeah, sure.

Liam: We’ll see you later. Bye!

– boys leave –

Courtney: See?!

Rebecca: What?

Courtney: Did you see the way he looked when he saw James?

Rebecca: Yeah, bit weird.

Courtney: And i guess, because of that we’ll have to continue with the plan.

Rebecca: Well, i guess yeah.

Courtney: Alright then, let’s go?

Rebecca: Sure.

James: Okay, let’s go babe.

Rebecca: Shut up! We’ll only act that way when Harry’s around.

James: Fine, fine. Let’s go, couz.

Rebecca: Better.


While walking…

Rebecca: Court, are you sure this will work?

Courtney: Uhm…yeah. Just trust me.

Sarah: Courtney! Rebecca!

Courtney: Oh, hey Sarah!

Sarah: Are you ladies busy next week?

Courtney: Uhm..not really. Why?

Sarah: Well, i wanna invite you to my birthday next week.

Rebecca: Really? Sure, we’d be glad to.

Sarah: Yay! Thanks. I’ll expect you there.

Courtney: Alright, thanks Sarah!

Sarah: Oh, by the way, i’d also like to invite One Direction there.

Courtney: Oh, sure, sure. We’ll let them know.

Sarah: Okay, thanks Court!

Courtney: Anytime.

Sarah: See you later!

– Sarah leaves –


After class…

Courtney: Becca, wanna come?

Rebecca: Where?

Courtney: We’ll meet the boys.

Rebecca: Sure.

Courtney: But wait, where’s James?

James: *approaching* Looking for me?

Rebecca: Nice timing, we’ll meet the boys and you have to come.

James: Okay, fine.

Courtney: So, let’s go?

Rebecca: Sure.

– goes to the Music Room –


At the living room…

Courtney: *knocks*

Harry: *opens and gets shocked over seeing Rebecca with James*

Courtney: oh, hi Harry!

Harry: Uhm…hi come in.

Niall: Hi Rebecca.

Rebecca: *smiles* Hi Niall.

Liam: How are you?

Rebecca: *takes a sit with James and Courtney* I’m doing good. Thanks.

Courtney: By the way, Sarah’s inviting us for her birthday next week.

Liam: All of us?

Courtney: Of course, specially you, brother.

Liam: *smiles* Sure.

– One Direction starts rehearsing –

– Harry seemed to be distracted when he’ll see Rebecca and James being sweet with each other –


After a while. the boys took a short break…

Rebecca: Uhm, guys. We have to go now. Thanks for inviting us.

Liam: Oh okay. Bye!

– James puts his arms around Rebecca’s shoulder –

James: Thanks dude for letting us in.

Liam; Yeah sure.

– James and Rebecca leaves –

– Harry throws an empty water bottle –

Liam: Hey, what’s wrong?

Harry: *walks out*

Courtney: I got this… *follows Harry*

Zayn: *whispers* Here we go again…

Louis: Zayn, chill.

Zayn: *shakes head*

Louis: Come on guys, let’s start again?

Liam: Let’s go. *starts rehearsing without Harry*



Courtney: *sees Harry sitting at the stairway* Hey…

Harry: Leave me alone.

Courtney: Come on, Harry. It’s me.

Harry: What is she trying to do?

Courtney: What do you mean?

Harry: Her…and James. They’re dating, aren’t they?

Courtney: Honestly, i really am not sure. But as for what i notice, there seems to be something with them.

Harry: *looks down*

Courtney: But come on, we’re still not sure about it. Don’t lose hope, Harry. What if they’re just friends?

Harry: I don’t know. I’m so close to giving up.

Courtney: No, don’t you ever do that.

Harry: Useless.

– Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn arrives –

Liam: Let’s go home?

Courtney: Sure. Let’s go. Harry?

Harry: Yeah.

– all goes home –


— To be continued… —

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Harry Styles FanFic PART 1; Chapter 11 – Harry Styles Mission 101


On school…

*while walking at the school corridor*

Liam: Any plans for today?

Courtney: I’ll be discussing the plan with Rebecca.

Liam: How about us?

Courtney: I’ll share it with the four of you when Harry’s not around.

Liam: Okay then.

Courtney: I’m almost there, thanks Liam.

Liam: Anytime…

– Courtney enters their room –


Rebecca: Hi Courtney!

Courtney: Oh, hi there!

Rebecca: How are you?

Courtney: I’m good. How ’bout you?

Amber: I’m very good.

Courtney: Excuse me?

Amber: Why? Is it wrong for me to speak?

Courtney: Well, no. But it’s wrong to join a conversation.

Amber: Oh.

Rebecca: WHICH…you are absolutely NOT included.

Amber: Oh..look who’s here, little miss newbie. Don’t talk to me like that and don’t act like you know me.

Courtney: Yeah, you’re right. She doesn’t know who you are and it’s better for her not to.

Amber: oh, how cute. Which hero are you? Superwoman?

Courtney: Shut up, Amber. I know every single thing about you, so don’t make me share it with the whole school.

Amber: *shocked*

Courtney: Well? *lowering one eyebrow*

Amber: *walks out*

Rebecca: Woah..

Courtney: Get that right, girl.

Rebecca: That was an A+, Courtney. Didn’t expect you’ll be that brave.

Courtney: She’s just getting into my nerves.

Rebecca: Why is she like that anyways?

Courtney: Because she’s jealous.

Rebecca: Of what?

Courtney: Because you get to hang out with the boys. She tried to be friends with me before but she can’t.

Rebecca: What do you mean?

Courtney: She made up a story that she dated Harry. Good thing he didn’t find out about it.

Rebecca: Wow.

Courtney: Yeah, that’s why i more like refused to be friends with her.

Rebecca: You’re lucky i’m a good girl.

Courtney: *laughs*

– classes started –


Rebecca: By the way, how’s the plan?

Courtney: Oh yeah, we’ll meet James at the school park later.

Rebecca: Alright. I’ll text him.



Niall: You coming with us?

Harry: Where?

Liam: We’ll go get some milkshakes.

Harry: Yeah sure. Is Courtney coming?

Liam: No, they’ve still got classes.

Harry: Alright.

Zayn: *whispers* You just wanna be with her…

Louis: Zayn. say what?

Zayn: Nothing.

Louis: Are you jealous of Harry and Courtney?

Zayn: Sshh! Shut up!

Louis: So, you are?

Zayn: Nevermind, let’s go.


– Back to Courtney and Rebecca –

Courtney: Where’s James?

Rebecca: Wait, i’ll call him.

– calls James –

Rebecca: J, where are you?

James: I’m on my way…i guess.

Rebecca: We’ll wait for you, school park.

James: Okay.

– end call –


Courtney: What did he say?

Rebecca: He’s on his way.

Courtney: Alrighty.


After 5 minutes…

James: Becca?

Rebecca: Oh hey, come here.

James: *sits beside Rebecca* Hi, Courtney.

Courtney: Hello James.

Rebecca: So, let’s start. What’s the plan?

Courtney: Alright, basically this isn’t a plan, but Liam told me something about Harry which we can use.

Rebecca: And that is?

Courtney: You and James have to pretend having a relationship.

Rebecca: What?! Why?

Courtney: Liam said, there are instances that he’s not in control of what he’s saying. So, if he’s gonna be super jealous, there may be a chance he’ll personally tell you how he feels.

James: Sounds good. I’m in.

Rebecca: Well… maybe we could try.

Courtney: So, you’re in?

Rebecca: Uhm…alright. But when will we start?

Courtney: Today?

Rebecca: Sure!


— To be continued… —

Harry Styles FanFic PART 1; Chapter 10 – Harry’s jealous…

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After three hours…

Courtney: Almost done…

– phone rings –

Niall: Who’s phone is that?

Harry: Mine. *stands up and answers call*

Louis: *sits beside Courtney* So, how’s everything?

Courtney: It’s fine. By the way, we changed plans.

Louis: What plan?

Courtney: Uh, it’s… TOP SECRET. *winks*

Louis: Whatever…


Harry: *goes back to his seat* Uhm, guys. how long are we gonna stay here?

Liam: Maybe a couple more minutes.

Harry: Can i go now?

Louis: Now?!

Harry: Yeah, i really have to. But i promise to make it up to you tomorrow.

Liam: Alright then.

– Harry leaves –

While walking…

Harry: *POV* ” I haven’t see Rebecca the whole day… How bout a walk at the park…”

– Harry passed by the park and unexpectedly sees Rebecca and James sitting at the ground –

Harry: *POV* ” Rebecca… i hope that’s me… It should have been me making you smile…”

Rebecca: *sees Harry* Harry? Harry!

Harry: *pretends not to hear her and goes on walking*

James: *puts his hand around Rebecca’s shoulders* Maybe he didn’t hear you.

Rebecca: Yeah.

Harry: *looks at Rebecca with James* … *feels so broken, looks down and goes on walking home*

At home… Harry text Courtney.

Harry - WHITE // Courtney - GREEN

Liam: Who’s that?

Courtney: Harry.

Niall: What did he say?

Courtney: Naawh, it’s a bit personal.

Louis: Hey Zayn, you alright?

Zayn: Yeah man. I’m good.

Louis: You sure?

Zayn: Yeah.

– Courtney calls Rebecca –

Courtney: Hi Becca!

Rebecca: Oh hey Court.

Courtney: What’s up?

Rebecca: Not much. Chillin with James, what about you?

Courtney: At home with the boys.

Rebecca: And Harry?

Courtney: Nope, he’s not here.

Rebecca: Oh i see, how is he?

Courtney: He’s good when he left. But after some time, he acted a bit weird.

Rebecca: Why?

Courtney: I don’t know.

Rebecca: Hope he’ll be fine.

Courtney:  Yeah, me too.


One Direction:  ♬ ” You don’t know you’re beautiful… That’s what makes you beautiful….”

Louis: Wooo! All done!

Niall: I’m goin’ home!

Liam: See you all tomorrow.

Louis: Alright then, bye Courtney.

Courtney: Bye guys!

Niall & Zayn: Bye!

Courtney: Bye boys, take care.

– Louis, Niall and Zayn leaves –


Liam: You’re still working on getting Harry and Rebecca back together, aren’t you?

Courtney: Yeah, and it’s a bit tough.

Liam: Why?

Courtney: Harry. He’s still scared to tell Becca how he feels.

Liam: Well, that’s bad.

Courtney: Wait, i know you’ve been friends with him for a long time now.

Liam: And why?

Courtney: Do you know anything we can use to make him do it?

Liam: Uhm..let me think…


Liam: There are instances that Harry isn’t in control of what he is saying. So i guess, you can use that as a way for him to tell Rebecca how he feels.

Courtney: Hmmm, sounds good. Oh god, this is the reason why i feel so lucky having a very clever brother.

Liam: *smiles* Jokes to that.

Courtney: *laughs* No! I’m super close to seriousness. *laughs*

Liam: *laughs* Go to bed now, you cheeky.

Courtney: Alright, Mr. Good guy. Good night bro.

Liam: Good night.


– Courtney goes to her room –

– texts Rebecca –

Courtney - WHITE // Rebecca - GREEN


— To be continued… — 

Harry Styles FanFic PART 1; Chapter 9 – What’s the plan?

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– back at home –

Zayn: Liam, where’s Courtney?

Liam: Oh, she’s at the park with Harry. But i bet they’re on their way home now.

Zayn: Oh, okay.

– door bell rings –

– Harry and Courtney comes in –

Louis: Finally! Where did you two come from?

Harry: We were at the park.

Louis: Without us?!

Courtney: And? Is that a big deal? It’s our date… OUR date.

Harry: Yeah, our date. *laughs*

Courtney: *laughs* You’re just jealous, Lou-bear.

Zayn: What did you do there?

Courtney: We just played at the playground.

Louis: Blah, blah, stop it Courtney.

Courtney: Alright then. I gotta go now.

Liam: You’re leaving again?

Courtney: I’ll be back, brother.

Zayn: Where are you going?

Courtney: I’ll be with Rebecca.

Harry: What?!

Courtney: Don’t worry, it’s safe.

Harry: You promise?

Courtney: Of course. Bye guys!

Niall and Louis: Bye!

– Courtney leaves –

– Rebecca calls Courtney –

Rebecca: Court?

Courtney: Oh hey, i’m almost there.

Rebecca: Oh okay..

Courtney: You alone?

Rebecca: Nope, James is here.

Courtney: Oh i see, hope to meet him.

Rebecca: Yeah, you probably will..

– Courtney reaches Rebecca’s house –

– knocks door –

Rebecca: *opens* Hi Court!

Courtney: Hi there.

Rebecca: Come in.

– sits on the couch –

Rebecca: So, this is James, my cousin.

Courtney: Hi James, i’m Courtney. *shakes hand*

James: Nice to meet you. *smiles*

Rebecca: So, any news?

Courtney: I’ve got some and i bet you’ll like it.

Rebecca: Really? Well then, go on.

Courtney: Okay, so before i went here, i got to hang out with Harry at the park. And guess what…

Rebecca: Why?

Courtney: He finally admitted that he has already remembered you.

Rebecca: Really? But-but why isn’t he approaching me?

Courtney: …and, that’s the problem. He said he’s still scared.

Rebecca: What? Until now?

Courtney: Yeah. And he’s threatened.

Rebecca: By who?

Courtney: That guy right there.. *points on James*

Rebecca: James?!

James: What?

Rebecca: Nothing.

Courtney: That’s what he told me. But, i’ve got a plan.

Rebecca: What plan?

– Courtney’s phone rings –

Courtney: I’ll be back.


Courtney: Hello?

Liam: Courtney.

Courtney: Yeah? What’s wrong?

Liam: The band needs your help.

Courtney: Now?

Liam: Yeah, are you busy?

Courtney: Not really. Okay then, i’ll try to catch up.

Liam: Okay, thanks Den.

Courtney: Fine, bye!

– end call –


Rebecca: Who’s that?

Courtney: My brother…

Rebecca: What did he say?

Courtney: Unfortunately, i have to go. He said they need me.

Rebecca: Right now?

Courtney: Well, yeah.

Rebecca: Oh, alright.

Courtney: But don’t worry, we’ll discuss the plan on school.

Rebecca: Okay.

Courtney: Bye Becca, Bye James!

James: Bye!

Rebecca: Bye, take care.

– Courtney leaves –

James: Hey, who are you two talking about?

Rebecca: Oh, uhm.. i think you do know him. If i’m not mistaken, i have already told you about him.

James: Oh well.

Rebecca: Don’t worry, you’ll meet him on school.

James: Fine.



– knocks door –

Liam: *opens*

Courtney: What do you need?

Liam: You’ll need to help us finish a song.

Courtney: Oh gosh, again?

Liam: Just come in.

Courtney: Blah, fine.

– goes inside –


Niall: Hi Courtney!

Courtney: Oh, hi there Nialler.

Harry: How’s Rebecca?

Courtney: Exposing?

Harry: It’s okay. They know about it.

Zayn: Yeah, we know how scared he is to tell Rebecca how he feels.

Courtney: *laughs* Well, she’s fine.

Harry: Did you tell her about what i said?

Courtney: Of course, not.

Harry: Good.

Courtney: What?! Are we going to start or not?

Louis: Alright, let’s start.



— To be continued… — 

Harry Styles FanFic PART 1; Chapter 8 – Harry’s Confession


– Harry texts Courtney –

(Harry – WHITE // Courtney – GREEN )

message no. 1

message no. 2


After 2 hours…

Courtney: *goes downstairs* Morning, bro.

Liam: Morning. You alright?

Courtney: Yeah, just not on mood.

Liam: Why?

Courtney: *sits on the couch* Who wouldn’t get messed up being disturbed from a tight sleep?

Liam: *laughs* Who texted you? Louis or Harry?

Courtney: Unfortunately, Harry.

Liam: *laughs* I knew it. I bet he’s got something to say.

Courtney: Yeah, he did. He wanted to meet me 8 am today, at the park.

Liam: What for? We’ll rehearse at 9.

Courtney: I don’t know. It sounded a bit important.

Liam: I see…

Courtney: By the way, who’s gonna be your prom date?

Liam: Me? I still don’t know.

Courtney: It’s getting nearer and nearer.

Liam: I know. And i wanna have the right girl for it.

Courtney: This is like the millionth time you told that to me.

Liam: And it’s because…

Both: …it’s true.

Courtney: *laughs* See? I even got that on mind.

Liam: *smiles*

Courtney: Oh well, i’ve got to dress up for my date with Styles.

Liam: date?!

Courtney: I’m just kidding, my dear brother. *laughs*

Liam: Make sure you do…

– Courtney dresses up –



– Harry calls Rebecca –

– phone rings –

Rebecca: *picks up* Hello?

Harry: Rebecca?

Rebecca: Yes, it’s me. Who’s this?

Harry: It’s me, Harry.

Rebecca: Harry? Oh, hey.

Harry: Yeah, how have you been?

Rebecca: I’m good. Having some time with my family.

Harry: That’s great.

Rebecca: Yep. How about you?

Harry: I’m doing good, going to some rehearsals later.

Rebecca: Oh, i see. Hope you guys have a great time…

Harry: Thanks, you too. Bye!

Rebecca: Bye!

– end call –

– Harry texts Courtney –

At the park…

Harry: *sees Courtney* Hey Paynette!

Courtney: *sees Harry* Oh…*approaches him*

Harry: 10 minutes, huh?

Courtney: Not a big deal. I’m here now.

Harry: *clears throat* Okay.

Courtney: So, why are we here?

Harry: I wanna talk to you.

Courtney: Obviously…but what’s the point?

Harry: About Rebecca.

Courtney: Becca? Why?

Harry: I know you know everything about her now.

Courtney: A bit, yeah. But i’m still waiting for you to admit her what you feel. I know you still love her, Harry.

Harry: I do.

Courtney: But why..why won’t you tell her?

Harry: Because…because i’m scared.

Courtney: Scared?! Harry Styles? Are you serious?

Harry: Pssh! I’m scared that i might be not good enough for her.

Courtney: Why are you thinking about that way already?

Harry: Why not?

Courtney: You still haven’t told her what you felt, meaning you still don’t need to think about being good enough for her.

Harry: *sighs*

Courtney: And listen, what if she does love you too?

Harry: Impossible.

Courtney: Wait, what if she’s just waiting for you to tell her what you feel?

Harry: I don’t know.

Courtney: Listen, Harry. You have to tell her what you feel…before it’s too late.

Harry: But, how about that James guy?

Courtney: James? That;s my point. No one knows what’s with the two of them.

Harry: What if..she’s his girlfriend?

Courtney: That’s it. What if…”what if” means there’s NO assurance. Meaning you have to tell her what you feel as early as you could.

Harry: You have a point.

Courtney: So, let’s count that as a task?

Harry: I’d still think about that.

Courtney: Think?! Don’t think, do it.

Harry: We’ll see. But Courtney, thank you. Thanks for all of these.

Courtney: Anytime. And Harry, i wanna tell you something.

Harry: What’s that?

Courtney: I do believe you’re meant for each other.

Harry: What do you mean?

Courtney: Come to think of it, you’ve been far from each other for almost 3 years. But after all that, you’re still here…together.

Harry: Then?

Courtney: She left but came back still on the exact place where you two met each other. Back and now, still got to be friends with us. And that would just mean one thing…that is for you two to get back and fix what you’ve had before.

Harry: *smiles* Thank you so much, Denise. This has been such an amazing help.

Courtney: That’s what friends are for.

Harry: *smiles* But i guess we have to go now, before your brother calls me.

Courtney: Oh yeah, haha. Let’s go?

Harry: Yeah, sure.

– goes back to Liam’s house –



— To be continued… –


Harry Styles FanFic PART 1; Chapter 7 – That Fangirling Moment…

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Here’s what you guys have been waiting! xx

The next day…

– on her way to school…

Rebecca: *walking*

– Harry saw her…picked up a flower from their garden –

Harry: Rebecca!

Rebecca: *looks back* Oh, hi!

Harry: Off to school?

Rebecca: Uhm, yeah.

Harry: Can i join you?

Rebecca: Sure! *smiles*

Harry: By the way, for you. *gives the flower*

Rebecca: Awwh, thank you!

– starts walking –


On school…

Courtney: Becca!

Rebecca: Oh, hey!

Courtney: Well, well, glad to see you two were together…

Rebecca: Naaawh.

Courtney: Haha, fine. So, let’s go?

Rebecca: Yeah, sure. How bout you Harry?

Harry: No, it’ alright. I’ll go meet the boys at the music room.

Rebecca: Alright then. See you later.

Harry: Okay. *leaves*


At the classroom…

Courtney: So, how’s your time with curls?

Rebecca: He’s still nice, still the same Harry, i used to know before.

Courtney: That’s great.

Rebecca: By the way, i’ll have my cousin with me maybe next week.

Courtney: What do you mean?

Rebecca: He’ll be enrolled here, too.

Courtney: He’s a boy?

Rebecca: Yep, his name’s James.

Courtney: oh, i see.



Liam: You’re almost late..

Harry: I know, but i made it, right?

Niall: Well, 3 minutes before the time.

Harry: See?

Niall: So, let’s go?

Harry: Sure!


After class…

– the boys waited for Courtney and Rebecca outside their classroom –

– Courtney and Rebecca’s females classmates starts to fangirl –


Rebecca: What’s wrong?

Khaliesya: OMG! One Direction lads are outside our room!

Amber: Courtney, your brother’s here.

Courtney: Oh, okay.

– Courtney and Rebecca starts walking out –

Amber: Rebecca?! Wh-why are you coming with her?

Courtney: She’s coming with us, why?

Amber: Seriously?! Wh-why her?

Courtney: Why not? She’s my bestfriend. Is that a problem?

Amber: Uh.. nevermind.

Courtney: Fine. Let’s go, Becca.


– the girls and One Direction leaves –


At the canteen…

Liam: So, any plans this weekends?

Niall & Louis: Nope, no plans.

Liam: How about you, Zayn?

Zayn: Uh, no.

Liam: So, meaning you guys are free for rehearsals?

Louis: Sure!

Liam: Alright then, Saturday. 9am.

Niall: We’re in.

– Rebecca’s phone rings –

Rebecca: Excuse me… *leaves*

Niall: Zayn, Erika’s asking for your number.

Courtney: What? Who’s Erika?

Zayn: No, no!! Don’t give it to her.

Courtney: Z, who is she?

Zayn: Nevermind.

Courtney: *sigh* Fine.

Rebecca: *goes back* Uhm, guys. I have to go now.

Harry: Why? Too early.

Rebecca: Someone’s going to pick me up.

Harry: Who?

Courtney: James?

Rebecca: Yeah. see you soon guys! Bye!

Niall, Liam & Louis: Bye!

Harry: Who’s James?

Courtney: Let’s go home, guys.

Liam: Sure!


On their way home…

Harry: Denise, you’re still not telling me who that James is.

Courtney: Why d you sound so jealous? *smiles*

Harry: I’m not. I’m just —– curious.

Niall: Maybe that’s her boyfriend…

Harry: Boyfriend?! No!

Niall: Oh, our boy’s jealous.

Harry: No way… Come on, Courtney, who is he?

Courtney: *laughs* Bye Harry! *winks then goes in their house*


While walking…

Harry: *POV* “No…James can’t be her boyfriend. This can’t be happening. Rebecca can’t just have him.”


That night…

– his phone beeps –

( Courtney’s message – WHITE // Harry’s message – GREEN )

message no. 1

message no. 2


– Zayn texts Courtney –

Zayner's message


— To be continued… 

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